Thursday, February 23, 2017

The New Jim Crow (Lesson 9)

How has racial caste perpetuated in the form of mass incarceration, despite the achievements of the civil rights movement?

The Civil Rights movement was famous for its work in continuing the journey towards equal rights amongst black and white people. Their work was evident in their dismantling explicit forms of racism such as the Jim Crow Laws. The purpose of the movement's work was to diminish the racial caste system, and to a certain extent, they did do that. It can be argued that the civil rights movement is even still present today, but their most memorable achievements began in the 1960s.

One thing that the civil rights movement was not able to change, however, was the ideology behind the different forms of racism. Since the civil rights movement worked diligently to change explicit portrayals of racism, racial caste began to be portrayed in a "legal" way. The criminal justice system turned into the new Jim Crow. Mass incarceration rounded up millions of black people into federal prisons. The justification for this was that black people were their majority of the people committing these crimes when in actual fact, it was the new era of racial caste in America. Mass incarceration kept black people in prison, thereby condemning them to the lowest form of societal involvement in America.

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