Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Guantanamo Bay

Michelle and Kendra Brenya
Dr, Bergman
Modern U.S History

We agree with Moras belief. The claim being made by United States suggests that since the prisoners are not being held on American Soil, they are not subject to its laws and rights. However, if two individuals; one a us citizens and one a non us citizens commit a crime, the U.S implies that the non U.S citizens is more punishable even through the same crime was committed. In reality, the treatment a mass murderer in the U.S receives  should be no different than the punishment a mass murderer not born in the U,S would receive. Also, it is unfair for the United States to continue to treat foreign prisoners inhumanely , while also demanding that their soldiers be treated more “kindly” when held in captivity. In addition, The United States makes a claim that some of the protections of the Geneva Convention because these prisoners are not “prisoners of war”. What the  United states fails to remember is the use of detention Camps  and the   “War of Terror Era began as an effort to fight against terrorism. Therefore should make individuals captured prisoners of war and subject to the protection of the Geneva Convention.
Currently, our government holds all the power when it comes to the treatment of the prisoners. We trust that our elected leaders are making the right decisions, but to what extent? Leaked information suggest that prisoners are often mocked, deprived of resources such as water, sometimes refused the right to relieve themselves properly and tempted by females. This is not only cruel but very unnecessary. We believe that interrogation should be used on all prisoners whether the individual has evidence to back them or not. However, extreme methods such as waterboarding should be used if and only if there is sufficient information and evidence that a certain individual has done something wrong or holds valuable information. It is very important to continue to maintain a level of professionalism inside the camps also and cease an frivolous forms of cruelty. With that being said, we conclude that the power of deciding how  prisoners are treated should be left up to responsible, trustworthy, highly ranked military personnel, being stationed at the various camps. They should be already educated on the terms of the Geneva Convention, while also making sure only appropriate behavior is being practiced. They would also have to oversee the other guards and military members to make sure that their behaviors comply. These individuals should be equipped with the common sense to know how far is far enough when it comes to interrogation process,to ensure that they aren't putting the prisoners at any potential risk.

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